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Company Overview
Tiversa provides P2P Intelligence services to corporations, government agencies and individuals based on patented technologies that can monitor over 550 million users issuing
1.8 billion searches a day. Requiring no software or hardware, Tiversa can locate exposed files, provide copies, determine file sources and assist in remediation and risk mitigation.

Tiversa is a privately held corporation with world headquarters centrally located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Core Values

Integrity | We are open, honest, and direct in all of our interactions. We always strive to “do the right thing” for our customers and employees. We are fair, trustworthy and discreet.

Excellence & Reliability | We strive to perform at an excellent level in everything we do. We are reliable. We fulfill obligations and commitments to our customers, shareholders, partners, and to each other. We meet or exceed our objectives and commitments.

Sense of Urgency | We move fast. We have a “never relenting sense of urgency” about servicing customers, getting work done, and seizing opportunities.


Entrepreneurial | We creatively seek new opportunities and identify compelling solutions to pressing and urgent problems whose solutions can result in substantial economic value to our customers, prospects, employees, shareholders.

Resourceful | We are not wasteful with our resources. We choose to invest and to spend only when necessary, yet never miss an opportunity to achieve maximum return to our shareholders, customers, and employees.

Tiversa Headquarters
Tiversa Headquarters - Pittsburgh, PA

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