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4 Step Guide

Data breaches of any kind can present a number of challenges
to your organization. Loss of sensitive data can cause revenue
loss, brand damage, costly breach notification and credit monitoring,
litigation and more.

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    When a P2P file disclosure occurs, organizations should take the following actions:

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  STEP 3
  STEP 4
Tiversa can assist you in confirming the offending computer or source (it may or may not be the computer that you have identified) and identify any additional files that might have been disclosed.

Tiversa will also perform a Global Spread Analysis (GSA) to identify any additional sources that may have acquired the files and are re-sharing them on the P2P networks.

  Once the comprimised files and disclosure sources are identified,
timeliness is critical in correcting the problem as spreading is imminent on such viral networks. Work diligently to shut down the offending computer/source. Tiversa not only assists in the necessary remediation efforts,
but continues to monitor P2P networks to ensure file removal was properly completed & that files do not re-appear.
  Unless file remediation occurred within hours of the initial disclosure and no file spread is confirmed, take any notification steps required by state/industry regulatory bodies based on the severity of the information (e.g. social security numbers, etc). Provide services (i.e. credit monitoring, fraud alerts, etc.) to affected individuals.

Choosing an identity theft service that offers internet monitoring protection including protection for social and file-sharing networks is crucial in mitigating exposed individuals’ chances of becoming a victim of identity theft, financial or medical fraud.

  It is important to now document all steps taken to address both this incident and to prevent others from occurring in the future. This documentation can be used to support future legal defense actions and also to update your policies, which should be continually evaluated. Some regulatory bodies even require documentation.


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