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It's no secret that the exposure of patient information, whether incidental or due to malicious hacking efforts, is a serious problem. Healthcare organizations and private medical practices possess some of the most confidential information about ordinary people – their health histories. Unwanted release of this information not only violates HIPAA regulations, but it creates a variety of problems for patients, including the increased probability of identity theft, and/or medical fraud.

Tiversa helps leading healthcare organizations protect sensitive and confidential Personal Health Information (PHI). WIth a best-in-class identity theft solution, Tiversa also proactively combats identity theft and medical fraud within its unique protection model.

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The Extended Enterprise (suppliers, third-parties, remote employees) of healthcare providers often include many technically unsophisticated partners who are more likely to expose information. Therefore tracking and stopping medical data hemorrhages is more complex and possibly harder to control given the fragmented nature of the U.S. healthcare system.

White Paper | Data Hemorrhages in the Health-Care Sector
White Paper |
Will HITECH Heal Patient Data Hemorrhages?

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