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As an organization overflowing with students that have grown up knowing file-sharing technology, colleges and universities have a tremendous need to mitigate the risks posed by file-sharing. While P2P file-sharing programs are infamous for allowing users to easily swap music and movies, in many cases much more is shared. Many P2P users end up unknowingly sharing their entire hard drive or their My Documents folder making every file in these locations available for other P2P users to search and to download.

It is clear that malicious individuals are issuing searches on P2P networks to gain access to consumer credit cards, account numbers, social security numbers, and other financial data. In addition, research data, specifically information tied to a university medical center, is readily availabile on these same networks.

Tiversa helps universities, colleges, and medical facilites safeguard sensitive and confidential, including Personal Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

WIth a best-in-class identity theft solution, Tiversa also proactively combats identity theft and medical fraud within its unique protection model.

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