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Cyberintelligence solutions have emerged as a new priority for business leaders as threats continue to outpace traditional privacy and security safeguards. Learn how today's threat landscape is changing, discover new cyber crime trends and evolving privacy laws, and learn new models to better control and protect your organization's sensitive assets in the year ahead.

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PRESS RELEASE | July 7, 2010
Beyond Laptops: Why Mitigating Mobile Enterprise Risk Should Be a Priority
In an ongoing study, Tiversa has now found that the Extended Enterprise continues to grow and has expanded into the mobile world of smartphones and other devices. Tiversa identified a large number of mobile devices actively participating in internet-based, file-sharing networks. This research illustrates the continued worldwide growth of these networks as mobile devices increasingly play a vital role in the critical operations of many organizations.

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RESEARCH | May 16, 2010
Did HITECH Heal Patient Data Hemorrhages?
The Extended Enterprise (suppliers, third-parties, remote employees) of healthcare providers often include many technically unsophisticated partners who are more likely to expose information. Thus tracking and stopping medical data hemorrhages is more complex and possibly harder to control given the fragmented nature of the U.S. healthcare system. However, efforts to move sensitive information out of ad-hoc spreadsheets and into better-managed EHR, as well as, proactively monitoring internet-based networks for exposure will reduce the inadvertent disclosures documented in this paper.

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PRESS RELEASE | May 18, 2010
Why the Apparent Decline of LimeWire Means Continued Growth for P2P File-Sharing Networks
Last week, in a 4 year-old case brought by The Recording Industry Association of America, U.S. District Judge Kimba M. Wood ruled that "LimeWire’s users commit a substantial amount of copyright infringement”. Also stated was that the Lime Group (parent company of LimeWire), “has not taken meaningful steps to mitigate infringement.” In subsequent days, Tiversa, the leader in Peer-To-Peer networks (P2P) intelligence, has fielded a number of questions regarding the future of P2P file-sharing networks, the impact this ruling has on the future of P2P and specifically what we have observed from our unique perspective.

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KEY CONCEPTS | September 21, 2009
Cyberintelligence - A Gartner Report
In a recent Gartner report (Q&A: Cyberintelligence, 8 July 2009, Author: Avivah Litan) on cyberintelligence, Tiversa was identified as an intelligence and security firm specializing in P2P file transfer monitoring over public networks. While speaking about service differentiators and technical competencies in this emerging space, Vice President and Distinguished Gartner Research Analyst, Avivah Litan, stated that "many more use cases for cyberintelligence have emerged, and the services are now being used to detect and thwart many more types of threats outside the virtual and physical borders of an organization."

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