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September 13, 2012
For Internet security company,
everything once old is new again

September 12, 2012
Tiversa Named Best Place to Work Finalist

August 31, 2012
Tiversa Presenting at NATO Information Symposium

August 22, 2012
Tiversa Joins Pittsburgh 2030 District Founding Partners

August 15, 2012
Tiversa Presents at NY Enterprise Technology Meetup

August 08, 2012
Tiversa and McAfee Combine Forces to Combat Data Breaches

August 02, 2012
Tiversa Restructures Key Business Units

July 30, 2012
Data Losses Hit Home, Especially
When Moving

June 12, 2012
The World Leader in P2P Cyberintelligence Adds Chief of Staff

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Recent News

WPXI Pittsburgh February 27, 2013
Target 11 Investigates security flaws in Internet web cams

WPXI Pittsburgh February 15, 2013
How to make your passwords hack-proof

KeystoneEdge February 14, 2013
Tiversa Profile

WESA - Pittsburgh's NPR News Station February 13, 2013
Nothing Sacred? P2P Used by Criminals Around the World to Steal and Pass Along Personal Information.

TribLive February 13, 2013
Obama executive order could be important in fight against computer attackers.

PopCity July 25, 2012
Tiversa buys a building downtown and launches a music division

Pittsburgh BusinessTimes July 13, 2012
Tiversa looks to expand profile with move to downtown Pittsburgh

WPXI Target 11 July 10, 2012
Target 11 Investigates: Child ID Theft

CBS PIttsburgh February 7, 2011
Local Firm Works To Expose, Prevent
ID Theft

Bloomberg Businessweek
February 3, 2011
Is WikiLeaks Hacking for Secrets?

eWeek January 21, 2011
WikiLeaks P2P Searching Claims Highlight File-Sharing Security Risks

Wired January 20, 2011
Claim: WikiLeaks Published Documents Siphoned Over File Sharing Software

ComputerWorld January 20, 2011
WikiLeaks Obtains Much Secret Data from P2P Nets, Not Leaks, Firm Claims

Bloomberg January 20, 2011
WikiLeaks May Have Exploited Music, Photo Networks to Get Classified Data

The Wall Street Journal June 22, 2010
Hackers Aren't Only Threat to Privacy

InformationWeek March 18, 2010
P2P Puts Medical Data At Risk

MSNBC March 16, 2010
File-Sharing Software Reveals User's
Private Info

Las Cruces - Sun News March 3, 2010
NMSU Acts to Address Limited 2006 Exposure of Student Personal Data

ComputerWorld February 25, 2010
FTC Seeks Extensive Information from Firms Being Investigated for P2P Breaches

TechNewsWorld February 24, 2010
FTC Delivers Stern Warning About P2P
Data on the Loose

Examiner.com February 24, 2010
Protection is Possible in P2P

Washington Post December 22, 2009
Obama to Name Howard Schmidt as
Cybersecurity Coordinator

Wired December 9, 2009
Men Charged With Hijacking
DOD Paychecks

ComputerWorld October 5, 2009
Tiversa Gives House Committee 200 New Examples of P2P Leaks of U.S. Secret Data

SC Magazine October 5, 2009
Army Special Forces Document Leaked
on P2P Network

Washington Post October 2, 2009
Soldiers' Data Still Being Downloaded Overseas, Firm Says

ComputerWorld July 30, 2009
P2P Ban Plan for Government Gets
Mixed Response

CBS News July 29, 2009
Congress: File Sharing Leaks Sensitive Government Data

ArsTechnica July 29, 2009
Congressman Calls for P2P Ban After Sensitive Data Leaks

NextGov July 29, 2009
Towns to Call Attention to Peer-to-Peer Network Issues

SC Magazine July 29, 2009
First Lady's Safe House Location
Leaked on P2P

ComputerWorld July 29, 2009
Details on Presidential Motorcades, Safe House for First Family, Leak via P2P

WPXI Pittsburgh July 29, 2009
Local Company Testifies On P2P File Sharing Dangers

Washington Post July 29, 2009
Report: First Lady Safehouse Route, Govt. Mafia Trial Info, Leaked on P2P Networks

Daily Herald July 9, 2009
Summit Helps Police Combat Identity Theft

WPXI Pittsburgh May 29, 2009
White House Consults Local Company
on Cybersecurity

TechNewsWorld May 14, 2009
You Could Be File-Sharing More
Than You Think

ComputerWorld May 5, 2009
Strike Fighter Data Was Leaked on P2P Network in 2005, Security Expert Says

WPXI Pittsburgh May 5, 2009
Local Expert Testifies About Marine 1 Leak, P2P Dangers

Fox News DC April 23, 2009
A New Frontier in Online ID Theft

WPXI Pittsburgh April 21, 2009
Fighter Jet Security Leak First Found
By Pittsburgh-Area Firm

CNBC: On The Money April 1, 2009
Dangers of File-Sharing

WPXI March 31, 2009
Safeguards for April 1 Conflicker Worm

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review March 4, 2009
Detection of Security Leak Spotlights Firm

Ars Technica March 3, 2009
Iranian Cybercriminal Shares Marine
One Specs on Gnutella

SC Magazine March 2, 2009
Blueprints of Obama's Marine One
Helicopter Leaked on P2P

Associated Press March 2, 2009
Source in Iran Views Obama's
Chopper Blueprints

Reuters March 2, 2009
W. House Helicopter Data Found on
Iranian Computer

ComputerWorld March 2, 2009
Classified Data on President's Helicopter Leaked Via P2P

Dark Reading March 2, 2009
P2P Leak Exposes Sensitive Data
On Marine One

cNet News March 1, 2009
Q&A: Tiversa Co-Founder Talks
About P2P leak

CBS News February 28, 2009
Report: Iran Stole Marine One Specs

MSNBC February 28, 2009
Report: Obama Helicopter Security

Fox News February 28, 2009
Report: Pennsylvania Company
Discovers Marine One Security Breach

cnet News February 28, 2009
Data on Obama's Helicopter
Breached Via P2P?

WPXI Pittsburgh February 27, 2009
Local Company Finds Security Breach Involving President’s Helicopter | Video

Nextgov February 27, 2009
File-Sharing Networks Used to Uncover Thousands of Medical Records

Today Show February 26, 2009
New Warnings on Cyber Thieves

Fox News Chicago February 19, 2009
File Sharing Program Could Put Your
Tax Return in Danger

SC Magazine February 11, 2009
Medical Data Leakage Rampant on
P2P Networks

Computer World January 30, 2009
P2P Networks Rife with Health-Care Data

NY1 January 29, 2009
Protect Yourself From Online Identity Theft

Government Technology January 21, 2009
New Trend in Cyber Crime: Unprecedented Rise in Identity Theft Related Searches

The Wall Street Journal December 2, 2008
Leaked Army Files Highlight
Dangers of Peer-To-Peer

Jackson Lewis October 6, 2008
P2P File Sharing Networks –
Unintended Gateway to Trade Secrets, Employee Sensitive Information

NextGov July 10, 2008
File sharing's threat to agency data
is growing, analysts say

Information Week July 10, 2008
File Sharing Exposes Supreme Court Justice's Personal Information

Fox News Chicago July 10, 2008
Software Leaves Supreme Court
Justice Open to Identity Theft

ComputerWorld July 9, 2008
File-sharing breach at investment firm highlights dangers of P2P networks -- again

Washington Post July 9, 2008
Justice Breyer Is Among Victims in Data Breach Caused by File Sharing

Wired June 27, 2008
Hacker Launches Botnet Attack via
P2P Software

Dark Reading June 3, 2008
Data loss at Walter Reed exposed personal information on 1,000 soldiers

Network World May 12, 2008
Another Peer to Peer Data Loss

eWeek April 25, 2008
Understanding Data Security Risks of P2P

Yahoo! Finance April 22, 2008
Ponemon Institute Study Exposes
Dangers of Peer-to-Peer Networking to Enterprise Data Security

Tiversa Announces Study with
Ponemon Institute April 22, 2008
The Ignored Crisis in Data Security:
P2P File Sharing
| Download (PDF)

TechNews March 23, 2008
Aggravated Identity Theft Guility Plea

InformationWeek March 21, 2008
The Google of Peer to Peer?

InformationWeek March 17, 2008
Our P2P Investigation Turns Up
Business Data Galore

InformationWeek March 15, 2008
Your Data And The P2P Peril

Dark Reading March 14, 2008
Tech Insight: De-Fanging P2P

The Wall Street Journal
November 7, 2007
The Hidden Risk Of File-Sharing

Komotv.com September 8, 2007
Seattle Indictment Highlights Risks of
Online File Sharing

USA Today September 7, 2007
Arrest in case of ID theft by file-sharing

Forbes.com September 7, 2007
Accusation of ID Theft by File-Sharing

Seattle Times September 7, 2007
Indictment Here Marks "New Age" of
ID Theft

Yahoo News September 6, 2007
Federal Grand Jury Indicts Man for Allegedly Using Consumer Information from P2P File Sharing Networks to Commit ID Theft and Fraud

Computerworld August 6, 2007
Sensitive Data Leaking Onto P2P Networks - Government, businesses hit by inadvertent disclosures

BetaNews July 26, 2007
Gen. Clark: Sensitive Gov't. Documents Exposed by LimeWire

Computerworld July 26, 2007
Classified U.S. military info, corporate data available over P2P

Information Week July 25, 2007
P2P Networks Turn Up Sensitive Corporate, Government Documents

Federal Computer Weekly July 24, 2007
Lawmakers: P2P Networks Pose
Security Risk

Forbes.com July 24, 2007
House Panel Scrutinizes File-Sharing

Fox News Chicago July 24, 2007
Congress Trying to Uncover Full Extent of File Sharing Internet Insecurity

Fox News Cleveland July 24, 2007
I-Team Follow Up: Congress Reacts to I-Team Report

Computerworld June 12, 2007
Personal Data on 17,000 Pfizer Employees Exposed; P2P App Blamed

The Wall Street Journal June 9, 2007
Your Secrets in “Digital Wind”

Int'l Herald Tribune June 7, 2007
Sharing MP3’s May Mean Sharing Far More

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