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  Corporate Breach

Visibility, security and risk mitigation
beyond the corporate perimeter.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, outside-in solutions that leverage smarter, more agile technology are changing the paradigm of security and risk mitigation. In a global, border-less society, it's well-established that a perimeter-only strategy is a thing of the past and is typically where conventional rules for security, privacy and risk fail. It’s also an area where an increased focus on cyberintelligence is needed, as sensitive data being leaked through authorized channels and third-parties continues to occur.

Corporate Breach Protection solution detects and mitigates sensitive data exposed on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks before data can virally replicate. Tiversa’s market-leading solution helps safeguard your data beyond the corporate perimeter, strengthening your organization’s key infrastructure and protecting it from intellectual property and data loss caused by third parties.

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Key Features

 Comprehensive P2P Monitoring
Tiversa's Corporate Breach Protection solution establishes a long-term, real-time monitoring program that detects and records customer-specific searches, data loss exposures, and corporate intellectual property loss on P2P networks on a 24/7/365 basis. Tiversa’s patented EagleVision X1™ technology globally indexes internet and file-sharing networks in real-time, providing visibility into your organization’s Extended Enterprise.

 Real-Time Alerts
Incident notification alerts are sent to the customer in the event of a P2P data disclosure. These alerts contain specific Tiversa Cyber Forensic Analysis information regarding the data disclosure, including disclosure date and time, disclosure source IP address, disclosure source company (when applicable), identification of individual disclosure source (when applicable), and a description of all files disclosed. All disclosed files are also sent directly to the customer for review and analysis.

 Actionable Threat Intelligence
By mapping the contextual relationship of a disclosure source with the real-time identification of data disclosures, Tiversa customers ultimately get a definitive view of who is disclosing their data.

   Streamlined Takedown Services
Tiversa Internet Service Provider Takedown Request Services are utilized in specific investigative cases to ensure that sensitive files are removed from disclosures and remediated most effectively from file-sharing networks.

 World-Class Forensics & Remediation
Tiversa’s blend of automated, patented technology and deep expertise allows us to forensically profile disclosure sources and provide relational context. This enables Tiversa to pinpoint the disclosure source involved in the exposure of data.

 Comprehensive Search Analysis
Periodic search analysis isolates direct searches by frequency, providing insight into how your organization is being targeted. Outside of augmenting your existing Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP) threat intel, Tiversa’s search analysis also provides general trending insight.

 True Compliance™ Alerts
Built into the Corporate Breach Protection solution are alerts that identify compliance violations undetected by traditional industry safeguards. Issues that are commonly detected include PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SARBOX, as well as ITAR violations.

Solution Benefits

+ Real-time security audit
+ Third-party insight
+ Extended Enterprise visibility
+ Protects against fraud
+ Minimizes risk
+ Focuses resources
+ Remediation measurement
+ Detailed forensics


McAfee Compatible

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