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Best-in-class fraud mitigation.
Seamlessly delivered.

With cybercrime and consumer fraud continuing to grow, it's clear that malicious individuals are issuing searches on P2P networks to gain access to consumer credit cards, financial and banking data. Criminals quick to utilize this information to commit fraud incur immense costs to financial institutions, issuers, and consumers.

Tiversa’s Fraud Protection Service establishes a long-term, real-time fraud protection program that detects and records customer-specific data on P2P networks on a 24/7/365 basis. In the event of a P2P data disclosure, an incident ticket is automatically generated to ensure proper remediation. Tiversa then monitors P2P file sharing networks over time to identify any new exposure while measuring the effectiveness of actions taken.

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Solution Benefits

+ Protects against fraud
+ Minimizes risk
+ Focuses resources
+ Remediation measurement




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