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  P2P Incident ResponseSM

Market-leading forensic intelligence
and mitigation response.

Tiversa’s Incident Response Case & Remediation Services assist organizations in the forensic investigation and remediation of a specific known data breach resulting from a P2P network data disclosure. Leveraging its patented Eagle Vision X1™ technology and Cyber Forensic Analysis methodologies, Tiversa investigates P2P data disclosures to determine root causality, while providing an additional layer of mitigation.

Data breaches of any kind can present a number of challenges to your organization. If your organization has experienced a recent P2P disclosure incident, timeliness is critical in correcting the problem as spreading is imminent.

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Key Features

 Comprehensive P2P Investigation
Tiversa’s market-leading blend of technology and forensic investigation capabilities can determine the source of the data disclosure, whether or not the data has been virally replicated across P2P networks, and solidify an ongoing monitoring program specifically designed to mitigate future exposure of this data set.

 Global Spread Analysis (GSA)
As part of a comprehensive breach investigation, Tiversa will conduct an
in-depth network scan to determine file proliferation across P2P file sharing networks. Tiversa will then identify proliferation point sources as well as
those in possession of files of interest.

   World-Class Forensics & Remediation
Tiversa’s blend of automated, patented technology and deep expertise allows us to forensically profile disclosure sources to provide relational context. This enables Tiversa to pinpoint the disclosure source involved in the exposure of data.

 Integrated Takedown Services
Tiversa’s streamlined Internet Service Provider Takedown Request services are fully integrated as a value-added component of the P2P Incident Response™ service. This streamlined service ensures that any sensitive files are removed from the P2P networks.

 Comprehensive Report
Upon deep analysis and investigation, a comprehensive P2P Incident Response™ report is prepared for the client. This report also coincides with an in-depth debrief/conference call session.

Solution Benefits

+ Remediation assistance
+ Third-party insight
+ Extended Enterprise visibility
+ Focuses resources
+ Remediation measurement
+ Detailed forensics




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