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Comprehensive web monitoring.

A two-tiered approach that combines global, real-time threat detection and forensic intelligence services proves to be the most effective defense in combatting third-party disclosure risk. In alignment with the vision to provide holistic, internet-based intelligence services, as well as extensive data disclosure coverage, Tiversa’s Web Monitoring service has been introduced as a compliment to its market-leading P2P Breach Protection solution.

Tiversa’s unique web monitoring approach combines the algorithms of top web indexing tools while leveraging Tiversa’s own proprietary Web Vision X2™ technology, analytical tools, and forensic services. Focusing on web-related threat identification, risk management, and social media monitoring, this solution has also been built to be extremely flexible. Customized on a per customer basis, Tiversa's
Web Monitoring Service provides crucial visibility into web activity that can negatively affect your organization's brand or pose a significant security risk.

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Key Features

 Advanced Monitoring
Tiversa Web Monitoring Services establish a long-term monitoring program that detects and records client-defined incidents on the World Wide Web. Tiversa utilizes its proprietary Web Vision X2™ technology as well as other analytic tools to scour social media websites, forums, blogs, and other websites, providing valuable insight and intelligence into web-related activity as it relates to your organization.

 Actionable Incident Tickets
Incident notification alerts are sent to the customer on a periodic basis to quickly provide actionable intelligence regarding an incident. These alerts contain customer-defined data fields which allow your organization to address web-related issues promptly and are pre-filtered by Tiversa Cyber Forensic Analysts to remove noise and false positives.

   True Cloud Security
The combination of Tiversa’s Breach Protection and Web Monitoring Services provides unparalleled visibility into internet threats facing your organization. A major benefit of this “True Cloud Security” bundled service approach is a cost-effective and centralized approach to holistic internet threat protection, allowing your organization to monitor up to 80% of the Internet as a whole. The utilization of this approach allows your organization to gain intelligence, identify risks, and detect sensitive data disclosures as they relate to your organization while also focusing resources through vendor consolidation for a seamless workflow integration.

Solution Benefits

+ Minimizes online risk
+ Focuses resources
+ Remediation measurement
+ Cost-effective approach
+ "True" Cloud Security




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